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What's New Latest Version 1.42 (May 12, 2014)
(See release notes for history and details)

Phyzzlets Corner is a brain teasing puzzle game where you can try your hand at architecture and demolition with your friends, strain your brain on different terrains, and challenge friends to take apart or destroy your masterpieces.

It is a way to improve your IQ in a social setting, go back to your childhood building blocks, and build your own physics puzzles fighting gravity on Earth and Mars.

With ever growing selection of elements and powerful editing features, you can build various gravity-bound two dimensional structures in different scenes, select the objective, specify the means, and let your friends figure it out.

Install it on both phone and tablet and synchronize your projects between two or more devices using the "cloud" option.
How to play Visit our help page where you will find tips and video clips, which detail different steps in the process of building, posting and solving a challenge.

Game Feedback and Requests/Suggestions Please use the support interface under Options -> Support to report contact us.

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